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Below are the books authored by Dr. Walt Thompson. It is our sincere desire that they are a blessing to you and that you share the information you learn with others.  You can pay online with any major credit card or if you would like to send a check please address to the following:

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Health Smart

A Handbook of Health and Healing that Makes Sense to Common People

Our world is in the midst of a health care crisis. Knowledge and technology such as never before known have made it possible to do all kinds of medical wonders. Yet, most of the people living on the planet today do not have access to even the most basic of health care.

For some, it is cost—for many others—inaccessibility. Around the world each day, millions of people are suffering and dying prematurely of completely preventable conditions, all because of ignorance or because of health destroying practices that they seem unable to change.

In Health Smart, you will find:
  • Helpful information designed to reduce your need for expensive and inaccessible health care;
  • Recommendations for managing many health-care problems in an effective and efficient way when they do arise;
  • Instructions for self-care in those places and under those circumstances where health-care may be inaccessible for whatever reason;
  • A spiritual component providing a healing link between the physical, mental and social aspects of health.
This book in not intended to criticize the benefits of modern, high-tech health-care, nor to discourage its use when its services are indicated. (Modern health-care has truly done some great things in recent decades.) Rather, it is our objective to fill in some of the gaps that modern health care, for a wide variety of reasons, is unable to fill.

Within the pages of Health Smart you will learn how to enjoy the very choicest of health for the longest possible time at a cost you can afford—whether you live in affluence or in poverty.

BONUS: Now when you purchase this book you will get full access to "Health Smart Online" and receive an instructional DVD along with the print version of the book.  The DVD gives demonstrations of several procedures covered in the book.  Be sure to donate now!

Price: $55.00

The Family of God UNDER SIEGE

It was late July. Rivers in Yosemite National Park were still swollen and treacherous from a winter of record snowfall. Three tourists ignored protective barriers and warning signs to wade out into the swirling waters at the top of Vernal Falls for a photo shoot. The view was beautiful, until one of them slipped on a rock, losing his footing, falling into the rushing waters. One reached out to grab him, then another. In seconds, all three were engulfed in the foaming waters rushing to the precipice.

Other visitors to the scene gasped in disbelief as the three disappeared over the crest of the falls.

Yes, there were fences and warning signs but no one standing guard with an automatic weapon to prevent the adventurous from going out into the water.

What an apt description of the times in which we are living! God has established the barriers and the warning signs, but—well, most of us think that we know better—the temptation is just too great to resist.

We are living during the time of God’s final judgment of planet Earth. As the rivers of our moral world, swollen and muddy from six thousand years of sin, rush wildly toward the precipice of eternal ruin, we too seem to be mesmerized by the tantalizing sound of the swirling waters and can’t seem to resist. Fortunately, as most of the viewers of the beautiful Vernal Falls respected the protective barriers, so God has a people even now who recognize the true original beauty of the river and choose to relish in that beauty for all eternity.

This book is all about recognizing those protective barriers, to avoid the tempting pitfalls the devil has so cunningly placed to ensnare and drag us into the swirling dark rivers to hell and destruction.


Hardcover Price: $28.99


Softcover Price: $11.99

God's Gift in Time

The Sabbath is the light shining into earth’s impenetrable darkness. Our Creator God gave us special gift of His love – a gift in time called the Sabbath – a God-appointed time in which to meet with and worship Him.

The Sabbath gives meaning to the sacrifice made on the rough wooden cross of Calvary’s mount. It points us to the whole Law of God, the unalterable foundation of His universal kingdom. It is an eternal description of self-renouncing love. God wants us to enjoy His love, bask in its beauty, and radiate its warmth to the cold world just outside our door. As you consider the Sabbath in the pages of this book, may you be challenged to accept the benefits of the Sabbath for your own life and to share your influence in restoring the Sabbath to its rightful place in the world around you.


Price: $1.99


Memories of a Missionary Doctor

In the pages of this book, you will read of the harrowing experiences of running with the Cambodian refugees while fleeing from enemy mortars; of delivering (and rescuing) babies during record-breaking typhoon winds; of performing complicated surgical procedures under almost impossible circumstances, as well as sharing principles of healthful living with thousands of hurting people looking for a better way of life! You will read stories of miraculous interventions that testify of an ever-loving God, who is preoccupied with saving the sick and hurting people of this world where evil often seems to trump all that is good.

Price: $13.95

Managing Stress by the Power of God’s Love

Ours is a world filled with stress. All kinds of stress! In Managing Stress by the Power of God’s one will find a self-help manual that describes stress and its effect upon our lives; instructions designed to manage stress in beneficial ways; principles, that, when applied in practice, will remove many of the harmful effects of stress and enable one to experience a more meaningful life.

Price: $14.95

Truth in the Balance

Have you ever wondered why this world is the way it is? Has it ever troubled you that a “loving” God might cause earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires and all manner of other natural disasters—sometimes wiping out thousands of lives in one fell swoop? Has a personal tragedy ever caused you to question God’s love for you? Truth in the Balance just might be the answer you have been looking for!

Price: $9.99

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