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Time, Space, Science

Posted by Walt Thompson on Wednesday, 25 January 2017 in Family of God 0 Comments

Time, Space, Science

And the quest to conquer space and the throne of God


In our attempt to conquer space, we are joining the devil, Satan, in one last thrust to take the place of God on His throne. “I will be like the Most High!” (Isaiah 14:12-14)

            Human beings are, today, gaining a working knowledge of time, space and science as never before in history. We are now able to identify, describe, experiment with, understand, and utilize many of the smallest items and some of the most expansive things of the universe and those natural (divine) laws that govern them all.

In fact, while there remain many areas of interest for research, until now everything we know about the natural observable universe is governed by unchangeable laws (ref. Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson). Whether understood or not, they are all intertwined with one another and functioning as one unit to sustain this universe we are living in.

Yes, there is a great divide between the teachings of modern science and the Biblical account, but there are certain incontrovertible facts that cannot be ignored or denied. Truth, if it is true, can pass any valid test.

Natural laws are unchangeable, whether found described in the Bible or in Science. Like all truth, laws are proven only by valid test.

Everything in the universe is governed by law though not every law has been identified and examined by valid test.

God exists and identifies Himself by the universal law of love. Life exists only where love exists.  

Stories, though they may be true, are subject to interpretation by both the teller and the hearer. Confirmation is always dependent upon evidential proof-- provided by the storyteller--or accepted by faith.

Science is itself subject to interpretation by the scientist based upon the observable, but incomplete, evidence (suppositions).


The Bible claims to be the truth about God, the truth about His personification of love, the truth about His eternal existence, His omnipotence, His omnipresence, His omniscience, and His governance by the law of love. He has invited us to test all things, and to choose what we will believe and whom we will trust and serve.

The Bible also claims that there is a devil, Satan that is intent on deceiving the world, and upon capturing the throne of God.

Science claims that there is no God, and, of course no Satan--or if there is, they are thought to be irrelevant.  

Faith and reason—wise twins


            Science and the wisdom of men has proven itself very capable of many great feats. During the past couple of generations it has expanded its horizons exponentially. Yet, the vast treasures of the universe have hardly been touched. By all indications, the universe extends out into space billions of light years beyond that which is observable—and science knows virtually nothing about it—nor about the wisdom, the wonder, the virtue, the power,  and the extent of and the claims of love, portrayed in the Holy Bible.

Shouldn’t this fact be amusing to the sublime—that men claiming to be wise should ignore such a vast treasure house of wisdom and knowledge? And this at the very time we are bending every effort to move bodily into the heavens to escape the earth as it crumbles and burns at our very own hands, and by our very own selfish folly?  

What is even more amazing is the fact that this scenario foretelling the destruction of the earth and our transition into the heavens is wisely and carefully hidden within the pages of that Holy book, the Bible!

Isn’t such a thing incomprehensible beyond reason?


I wonder what might happen in the scientific world if renowned scientists of every branch of wisdom and expertise, should sit down and diligently seek that wisdom, knowledge, and faith described in the Holy Bible!


We now have the opportunity to use science to confirm many biblical questions that have arisen through the ages, and for the Bible to confirm many questionable scientific propositions. Truth is truth. The evidence is overwhelming to the serious student of Holy Scripture that the Bible is the only original source of life and love. Likewise, serious scientists have discovered the truth of many natural laws not even dreamed of by the writers of the Bible.

For examples: 1.) Apart from the presence of the moral law of Love of which the scientific community knows little about, intelligent life could not even exist. 2.) Apart from the law of gravity, the universe could not exist.

When considering life on earth today, it seems clear that except we find a way to escape from the planet soon, we are doomed to extinction since all other attempts to change the course of events have failed with no satisfactory solution is even hinted at. While we have “dreams” and are developing plans to set up colonies in space, we have nothing developed to accomplish such a thing during the limited time that it appears we have before we self-destruct.

On the other hand, the Bible has a clearly developed plan and promise of divine rescue into the heavens before disaster strikes—undoubtedly by utilizing advanced applications of the natural laws of science that govern the universe that are completely unknown to science today.

Wouldn’t it prove wise and prudent to study and consider the Bible wisdom together with modern science?

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