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Science and Sex

Posted by Walt Thompson on Sunday, 05 July 2015 in Health Smart 0 Comments

Science and Sex


            There is debate in the scientific world whether or not sexual disorientation is a curable disorder--some professional health care givers even claiming that the practice of attempting to convert LGTB persons is harmful and misleading, and should not be practiced. The recent ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court granting homosexual couples to marry may please the LGDB community, but does not resolve all the problems associated with sexual disorientation.

Babies are sometimes born having both male and female reproductive organs and physical characteristics—true hermaphrodites (the term, Intersex, is sometimes the preferred term when referring to humans). Others (pseudo hermaphrodites) may be born with normal reproductive organs but with secondary physical characteristics of the opposite sex. Example: A girl with enlarged clitoris resembling a penis, or a boy with enlarged breast tissue.

In addition to hermaphrodites and pseudo hermaphrodites there is an almost limitless variety of other possible combinations of sexual expressions resulting from both genetic and non-genetic deviations from normal.

Any of these individuals (individuals with normal male or female reproductive organs and secondary sexual physical characteristics, or those with any other of the possible exceptions) may be naturally inclined to identify themselves as either male or female, or as interchangeable between the two.

While modern science is now able to identify the true sex of an individual by genetics and to account for most deviations from normal secondary sexual characteristics by chemical and other testing, it has been more difficult to identify a definite structural or functional area in the brain to account for the sexual orientation identity.

Many of the millions of living organisms in nature, both of plants and animals, are hermaphrodites by nature and able to function as either male or female in reproduction. In fact, the sexual function a given species may express may be determined by external or internal environmental influences such as temperature, light, and other factors—changes now being observed in plant and animal species as global warming progresses. Similar alterations are occurring secondary to many environmental pollutants, manmade and naturally occurring genetic changes, hormones present in medications, cosmetics, pesticides and other chemicals now commonly found in the world about us. These same factors must certainly influence the human animal in the similar way—undoubtedly contributing to sexual orientation.

Common, too, and undoubtedly a very important contributing factor to the increasing sexual disorientation of the present generation is the rapid disintegration of the family unit as established by God at the time of creation. It was not by accident that God created male and female with different sexual structures and functions, but with different rolls in society as well (Genesis 2:18-25; 3:16-20). And it is not by accident that society crumbles as the original family unit disintegrates. While that original design began to weaken with the conquest of Eve and Adam by the serpent at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, it is only in recent generations that we may witness its near total collapse--with the consequences now becoming so very evident (Revelation 11:18). Without a strong and healthy male presence fully united by genuine Christian love, with his female “helpmeet,” offspring are robbed of the positive influence each of their parents might provide to them in developing into mature, sexually oriented children (Ephesians 5:21-33; 6:1-4; Colossians 3:17-22).

There can be no serious question but that the fifth and seventh Commandments of the Decalog were designed by God to protect the integrity of the family and its influence upon the greater society. And most certainly, this near total disregard for these Commandments in our generation is a major contributing factor to the sexual disorientation dilemma. Interesting, too is the fact that society (even most Christian Churches) tolerate it’s “believers” living in adulterous relationships—“in good standing--” even while condemning the sexually disoriented. I wonder if any of us could dare to cast the first stone!

Closely related to the positive influence of a strong family united by love upon the healthy development of the next generation is the local environment in which the family dwells. More than one half of the world’s people now live in cities. There is nothing in a city of any size that can compare with a home in a rural environment where children have both opportunities to enjoy and study the beauties of creation and the responsibilities of helping with the chores necessary to supply the needs of that family. This is not to assert that a child cannot be raised in a city, but almost certainly that child will be deprived of many of the positive influences provided by a healthy family in a natural world.

While marital infidelity and broken homes developed in the early centuries after creation, and though violence is described in the Bible as one of the primary reasons God found it necessary to destroy the world by the Flood in the days of Noah, sexual disorientation was almost certainly a factor contributing to that violence (Genesis 6:11-13), just as at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah when widespread sexual disorientation again necessitated cleansing by fire (Genesis 18:19-25; 19:4-17).

Skipping down the centuries, we arrive at our time in history when the accumulation of the evil of the intervening centuries is again challenging the law of God’s love and reaping the terribly consequences—this in spite of the price love paid by Him on a wooden cross on Golgotha’s hill.

God is love personified (1 John 4:7-10). He is not willing for any to die, either temporally or eternally, yet, He will not deprive either an individual, or an entire society, of their free choice to believe, follow, and live, or to reject all of His overtures of love and to experience the consequences of their choice (2 Peter 3:1-15). In fact, the Commandments concerning sex and families were given by God specifically to avoid and/or prevent the terrible consequences of broken relationships, whether bisexual or homosexual. In both instances it is those forbidden, intimate, sexual relationship that are the most destructive to both the individuals practicing them and the larger society in which they are permitted and/or encouraged.

And while religious people may condemn the practices of the sexually disoriented among us, true Christians, themselves transformed by the power of God working through the sacrificial death of Jesus and the agency of the Holy Spirit, will reach out to these hurting ones with deep and earnest love and understanding, ceaselessly pleading and working for their healing and restoration. There is NO limit to the power of God to heal and restore any and all that will truly believe and ask.

As God must sometimes exercise “tough” love in His effort to restore the lost and hurting, so we, when seeking for healing to occur among the sexually disoriented among us, must sometimes administer “tough” love. This must certainly always be mixed and delivered with an extra abundance of sympathy, understanding, and tenderness when dealing with those in our society today that are entangled in the devil’s web of lies and sexual deception.

We are ALL, after all is said and done, sinners, saved by grace. We are all contributing partners to the sick and hurting world in which we now live. Can we, in love, ignore or disregard a brother or sister imprisoned by sexual disorientation or any other similarly destructive behavior without interceding on their behalf? Nor can we condone and support those destructive behaviors practiced by many of the sexually disoriented, in whatever form it exists—if we truly love them in our hearts as God loves us.

As exciting, satisfying, and tempting as intimate sex may be, it is not the most enjoyable and most satisfying of possible human experiences—and certainly not the most fulfilling! While it may be true that in today’s culture “sex” may seem to be “everything,” many of all ages, all nations, and all religions have enjoyed a long, happy, and most rewarding celibate life in service to their hurting fellow men throughout all ages. Just a mention of the name, Mother Theresa, immediately brings to mind just one classic example of such dedicated and rewarding service.

A similar statement might be made for those living in adulterous relationships, ignoring the original plan of God for the family--faithful to the roles He designated for each (chastity), and to the care of the entire family. Fortunately, the Bible is also clear that NOTHING is impossible for God within the one who believes and earnestly seeks healing (Mark 9:23; 10:27).

As noted in the News report at the beginning of this writing, it is indeed difficult or impossible to convert sexual malorientation by psychiatric practices alone. The same IS NOT true for applying the healing power of the prayer of faith and the ministration of love to the one in need. While many caught in the sexual dilemma of disorientation do not, and have not, had any choice in the matter entrapping them, all do have a choice regarding how they will react to their “malady,” just as those suffering many other inherited or environmentally related conditions must choose how they will deal with the terrible challenges forced upon them.

Fortunately, there is hope for the one, whatever the sexual orientation, that will ask in the name of Jesus and is willing to submit his/her life into the hand of our loving God. None that will do so need miss out on the His blessings in this life, nor fear of missing out of eternal life in a new world in which sin and evil will never arise again.

That hope is founded upon the Sacrifice Jesus made on Calvary’s hill 2,000 years ago. It will NEVER fail.

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