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Preparation for the Crisis Ahead

Posted by Walt Thompson on Tuesday, 04 March 2014 in Health Smart 0 Comments

Preparation for the Crisis Ahead

Today as I sit before my computer composing this blog Russia’s Vladimir Putin is playing a very frightening tug-of war with the E.U and the U.S. over the Ukraine. Political unrest in Venezuela is boiling over to affect Cuba and other S.A. nations as well. Tensions remain high in the Middle East and much of Africa. Almost the entire world is in political distress.

The Eastern United States is experiencing one of the longest, coldest, most damaging winters in recent history while drought, fires and floods are plaguing the West. But not in America alone! Unprecedented natural disasters of all sorts are shaking the world.

Social change, financial instability, unemployment and multiple other insecurities continue to mount at home and abroad.

All of these things have been foretold in Bible prophecy to occur before the end of the world, but there is one other specific prophecy that is also rapidly finding fulfilment. That is the growing “unity” now occurring within the universal Christian Church (Catholic) and its increasing influence in international politics.

One might wonder what could be better for the world society than for everyone to be drawn together by a bond of common faith, made possible by resolving doctrinal “hang-ups” as now occurring among Catholics and other Christians and bringing an end to the Protestant Reformation. What is not being mentioned, however, in this amalgamation of faiths is the means that will be “necessary” to bring “evangelization” about--to bring conscientious dissenters into the unity fold.

More importantly, perhaps, is the physical, mental and spiritual strength that will be necessary for these dissenting ones to endure and remain faithful witnesses for Biblical truth through the predicted and certain time of persecution.

While we have ample Biblical assurance that God will care for His own, we are also counseled to prepare ourselves for the anticipated trials and tribulation.

In view of this, a recent blog that came across my desk caught my interest (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-rock/healthy-mind-platter_b_870664.html).

For several years, Daniel J. Siegel M.D. and David Rock, M.D., have been doing scientific research designed for developing optimal mind and brain health and well-being. From this research they have identified seven daily essential mental activities one must apply if he/she would experience optimum brain health and function.

They appear hear with some intentional modification on my part so as to emphasize the spiritual component of mental health:

Focus Time – a time to focus on our goals and objectives for the day. Communication with God through Bible study and prayer serves to establish “deep connections” in the brain. Undoubtedly, for the earnest Christian, this must be the most important and most guarded of the seven.

Play Time – New synaptic connections are established in the brain by allowing God to lead one in discovering new and novel ways to fulfill one’s established goals and objectives, to eliminate old and ineffective methods and explore other exciting possibilities.

Connecting Time – We activate and reinforce the brains relational circuits when we connect with other people and with the natural world around us—most effectively accomplished in personal by face to face and physical contact with friends and neighbors.

Physical Time – Physical activity is as good for the brain as it is for all other body organs and functions.

Time In –Time to reflect, debrief, explore one’s thoughts, feelings and sensations--serves to integrate brain function.

Down Time – Time to just let the mind relax, diverge, and enjoy the blessings of God, free of guilt and the burdens of the day and permit the brain to recharge.

Sleep Time – Resting in the promises of God and trusting one’s self to His care, quality sleep permits the brain to recover and consolidate the lessons learned during the day.

There is one important addition to these seven activities, i.e. a well-balanced nutritional plant-based diet.

We do not know the day or the hour when Bible believers will be called to stand firm for truth against the most severe opposition, but the signs around us everywhere shout that now is the time of preparation.

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