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Multiple Sclerosis, Hope for the Afflicted?

Posted by Walt Thompson on Tuesday, 21 January 2014 in Health Smart 1 Comment

Multiple Sclerosis, Hope for the Afflicted?

Multiple Sclerosis is a devastating disease of the brain and nervous system. It appears most frequently among women aged 30-50, but may occur in people of either sex or at any age. It is estimated that 300-400 thousand people in the U.S. have the disease with about 200 new cases occurring annually. There are estimated to be 150-200 million cases worldwide. Symptoms of the disease may come and go or be continuously progressive, but generally, even relapsing cases become continuous and progressive.

There is no known cure, leading to a wide variety of treatments that have been recommended through the years. Some have claimed improvement with exposure to sunlight and/or vitamin D. Others have recommended dietary measures and supplements. In addition, there are presently more than 10 prescription medications available, all with very significant side effects and, that, with very limited proven benefit. Until now none have proven very effective in preventing either relapse of progression.

For more than 5 decades Dr. Roy Swank, M.D. Ph.D. has published peer-reviewed articles demonstrating that Multiple Sclerosis is related to the dietary intake of saturated fat, most of which comes in meat and other animal food products, and that strict adherence to a diet essentially free of these products provides very effective control of relapses and progression, both on the short and long term.

In spite of Dr. Swank’s research results, his recommended treatment has been essentially ignored by the medical profession until now. In an attempt to convince a doubting profession that Dr. Swank’s research is valid, effective, and demonstrable, Dr. John McDougall, a protégé of Dr. Swank, has completed a soon to be published study utilizing MRI imaging of the brain in patients suffering from M.S.

Assuming that this study will confirm Dr. Swank’s research, one must wonder how much effect it will have on the management of patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

There are two primary reasons for my skepticism. 1.) Physicians are generally reluctant to recommend and/or prescribe lifestyle treatments (for a variety of reasons) and, 2.) Patients are almost never willing and able to make the “rigorous” necessary lifestyle changes. Yet, interestingly, patients are often willing and compliant in the use of prescription “drugs” that may or may not have proven effectiveness and that often have serious and life-threatening side effects. And physicians, desiring to please, are often all too willing to comply.

Yes, there are many, many other dynamics involved in the management of illness, and perhaps, especially, such serious illness as M.S., but the bottom line remains: Human beings are prone to prefer the uncertain and deceptive in preference to the tested and tried true remedies provided by a loving God for His creatures at the time of creation. The present epidemic of obesity and diabetes is just one current example. We now have ample evidence to indicate that obesity and most type 2 diabetics can be successfully managed by lifestyle practices--but that those patients that are willing to consistently apply those lifestyle practices effectively is most rare indeed.

Will it be different with M.S. following the publication of Dr. McDougall’s MRI research? It will be interesting to see!

And I wonder, will the “saints” granted endless life in heaven be as reluctant and impotent to glorify their God in their bodies?

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