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I have a very painful boil on the leg that is getting worse in spite of antibiotics

Posted by Walt Thompson on Monday, 19 August 2013 in Health Smart 0 Comments

I have a painful boil on the leg that is getting worse in spite of using antibiotics for the past 5 days. My entire leg from the ankle to above the knee is very swollen and fluid is draining from my lower calf area. Please advise.

Dear Tommy,

Of course it is impossible to manage your condition remotely by e mail, nor to take responsibility for the outcome.
I do not know your age, other medical problems, medications you are on, and so many other things, but in general I may give you the following recommendations.
Whatever the cause and situation, you need to be under the careful care of a physician. I cannot over-emphasize this.
If you have diabetes or other medical problems, they need to be managed carefully and very soon. Containment and healing will likely be a problem until that happens.
There should be no danger of wrapping the foot and leg snugly with an elastic ACE bandage or something similar, changing it several times daily.
Keep the leg elevated above the level of your heart as much as possible.
If you do not have diabetes or problems with circulation of the legs and feet, alternating warm and cold leg baths may be very helpful. To do this, you will need two large buckets, one filled about half to three quarters full with very warm water. Test the temperature. You should be able to place your elbow into it without discomfort.  (very hot water may cause more harm than good in the event your circulation is not good). Fill another bucket partially full with ice cold water.
Place the leg into the warm water for 3 minutes, then into the cold water for 1 minute. Repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times. Dry well. Wrap with dry, elastic bandage evenly from the toes to the knee. Keep the leg elevated as much as possible. Repeat this treatment 3 or 4 times daily.

I would also suggest that you eat two or three good meals daily consisting of a wide variety of unrefined foods of plant origin only. Avoid snacks, junk food, all food products of animal origin and all refined and processed foods. This will give you the optimum vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to encourage healing. If you are diabetic or have other health problems, even dietary changes should be done with your doctor's OK. (Note: if you are diabetic and on medications, watch your blood sugars very closely because they may drop rapidly on this diet.)

Of course, all forms of tobacco, alcohol, all drinks except water must be avoided.
Response to these suggestions will depend upon your overall health status and the cause and nature of the "boil."
Do Not wait for further complications before seeking professional help.

And don't forget, God hears and answers prayer--often aided by nature's remedies.

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