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high blood pressure and kidneys

Posted by Walt Thompson on Wednesday, 28 January 2015 in Your Questions Answered - NEW! 0 Comments
I had stents put in my kidneys last March. The right one failed and I have an artificial one now. I was just told that the left one is working as well and may need a new stent. Also that diet will not help my renal artery, only blood pressure control. After years of not having my BP under control, they finally have controlled it with 6 medications. I've been following a plant based diet except for 6 months I was in rehab. What is the truth and what would you suggest?


Dear  S.

Of course there are many things about your condition that I do not have access to, but, in answer to your question I can only suggest that I would return to a plant based diet at once. I do not know what that consisted of when you were on it, but would suggest that you eat only plant foods and those with the least amount possible of refinement. I would eliminate all free fat, using avocado, nuts, olives, flax seed in place of free fats. Whole grains should be good. All of the legumes, beans, peas, chick peas, etc. are health promoting and should be used. I would avoid sugars as much as possible, using honey judiciously when you need a bit of sweetening. I would reduce, but not completely eliminate sodium.

I would get on a good, regular, exercise program geared to your potential abilities and needs, but daily, if possible.
Drink water freely, but do not over do it. Water is great medicine, but if your kidneys are not able to excrete it efficiently, you will need to be careful here.
If you can afford it and would like consultation with someone that could obtain your health records and help to get you off to a new start, I might suggest some program such as Weimar Institute in northern California. They have a very credible staff and program that might be a real blessing.
From my position I am not able to comment upon the stents and what should be done about them. However, if you are able to do the above and are not forced  by rapid deterioration or emergencies, to undergo more procedures, I would tend go the natural lifestyle route.
I would definitely obtain a simple-to-use blood pressure cuff and check your own pressure several times daily to get a true pattern of what it is doing. Though the small wrist blood pressure cuffs may not be as accurate as the kind used by your doctor, in my experience, they are accurate enough for most purposes. And I would continue the present medications until such a time that they are no longer required as determined by your self-checks.

I hope you will find this helpful. If you have further comments or questions, please feel free to write. 

W. Thompson MD

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