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Health and healing through the laws of nature

Posted by Walt Thompson on Saturday, 16 December 2017 in Health Smart 0 Comments

Health and healing through the laws of nature

“None of these diseases”

“If you diligently heed the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought on the Egyptians. For I am the Lord who heals you,” Exodus 15:26.

Almost universally, among all races, nationalities, and religions, people tend to attribute good health to the blessings of God (the gods)--and misfortune and ill health to the curse of those same gods. It was true in ancient times, and it is true in the sophisticated world in which we live today. While there is a sense in which this scenario is true, it is my contention that God, and the Natural laws that govern the entire universe, are founded upon the Great Moral Law of Love--and that the blessings and curses we experience are the natural consequences of our individual and corporate response to those natural laws—including the laws of health. In other words, ALL of the blessings and curses that we experience are more accurately understood as the natural consequences of our faithfulness or unfaithfulness to those laws. (Pease note: This statement definitely does not refer to true cases of diving healing such as occurred by Jesus, His faithful followers then, and occasionally through the ages since—including today.)

It is interesting to note in the Holy Bible that at the same time that God made His promises of health and prosperity to the Children of Israel, He also gave them the Ten Commandments and various specific laws regarding essentially all other aspects of life--including such things as clean and unclean foods; regulations regarding sanitation; guidelines regarding personal practices; relationships between individuals in marriage and families, and, perhaps most importantly, directions regarding their relationship to Him and the means that are essential for keeping that relationship healthy. Interesting, too, throughout those holy pages we see that Israel’s health, happiness and prosperity directly followed their faithfulness or unfaithfulness in following His instructions. It is only reasonable that the divinely appointed practices would be just as effective today—including the changes in the Ceremonial laws as fulfilled by Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection. (Note: Circumcision is not one of those laws. It was given to Abraham as a promise that he would have a son through which all the nations of the earth would be blessed.  (“God gave Abraham circumcision to confirm his promise. So when Abraham’s son Isaac was born, Abraham circumcised him on the eighth day. Isaac did the same to his son, Jacob, and Jacob did the same to his twelve sons,” Acts 7:8) (Note, too, that there is NO merit in faithfulness to these regulations and laws—only great benefits!).

Rigid attempts in “keeping” those laws, while impossible to keep as the Children of Israel knew all too well, that all changes when one “sees” God’s love for us--senses one’s such great value in the eyes of God that Jesus, very God himself, came to earth, and in love for us, faced Satan in face to face conflict in the Garden of Gethsemane at risk of defeat, gained the victory over him--and then permitted Himself to die on the cruel cross of Calvary, paying the price for my (our) sins in my place. In considering such love, in gratitude I can do no less than give Him my very best—while enjoying the very best of life here on earth even now. This is my choice! And having chosen to believe, and submitting the life to Him, He, working through the instruments provided, will then work to transform us into loving beings reflecting His own characteristics of love to the world about us.  

The following accounts are merely a tiny sampling of the many “miraculous healings” that I have witnessed through the years of my practice in the healing arts as physician and surgeon that give certainty to the testimony of the above comments. 


I was serving as surgical consultant at the Lawndale Christian Health Center on Chicago’s west side when I was requested to “see” a lady in another examining room. Mary was an over-weight, middle aged, type-two, diabetic lady who smoked cigarettes.  She was referred to the clinic to have her left leg and foot amputated. In spite of all of the “tricks” of modern medicine to restore circulation of blood to the leg, the leg and foot were cold to touch. There was no pulse anywhere in the leg or thigh. There was a large, deep, gangrenous, ulcer over the shin. The foot was cold, deep purple in color, and the great and second toe were black and gangrenous. Truly, if ever there was an indication for amputation to save a life, this was it. But Mary was not able to accept the reality. After a time of serious dialog with her I made a “far-out” proposal to her, saying, “If you will follow everything I instruct you to do, I will give you a week to see what will happen.” She tried! A week later it was no better--but no worse, either--so I gave her another week.

My basic instructions: A simple plant based diet free of all animal products and refined foods; no drinks except ample use of water; discontinuation of cigarettes, and all use of mind-altering substances. She was encouraged to exercise as much as possible in her condition, and to begin daily reading of the Holy Scriptures, while seeking help from God through prayer.

It was a difficult and challenging year and half as we worked together, one week at a time. She was eventually able to fully comply with the essential life-style changes. Ever so slowly the gangrenous toes began to dry, and shrink in size. Even the terrible ulcer on her shin began to show signs of improvement. At the end of 18 months, things were mostly healed, and continued to improve over the next year or so as I continued to see her from time to time. The last time I saw Mary was about 10 years later. She was still walking pain-free on a warm, healthy appearing foot (minus parts of two toes) and continuing to follow the health principles she has learned to enjoy. God had “miraculously” healed her!

Alexey and Marie

Sensing that there must be something better than the hopeless drudgery of life as existed in the nation of Georgia under Communist rule during the late 20th century, Alexey and Marie, who were heavily addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, responded to an invitation to attend a series of meetings being held in the Communist Party Hall in Moscow, USSR. While there they listened to daily teachings from the Holy Bible delivered by Evangelist, Mark Finley. During those sessions, I, too, had the privilege of conducting lectures teaching the principles of optimum health, as well as presenting an interactive session designed to help free smokers of tobacco use.  When, about a year later we had returned to the Olympic Stadium for an expanded repeat session of Bible exploration and health promotion, I could hardly believe my eyes when after our first session Alexey and Marie came running (literally), out of the crowd, hardly able to contain their gratitude and joy for the help they had received the year before. For them, life had never before been so full of happiness and meaning--now free of those addictions and the spiritual darkness previously governing their lives.


I was employed as the medical director of the once famous, but then struggling, Battle Creek Sanitarium established by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, a contemporary of the Mayo Brothers during the early 20th century. It was to this place that patients suffering from all manner of diseases and illness came from around the world to be treated by the application of the simple, natural, laws of health. The program, based upon extensive scientific research performed at both institutions, consisted of a diet composed of a wide variety of mostly unrefined plant foods, free of all animal food products; the abundant use of pure water internally and externally as various applications of hydrotherapy; a balanced exercise program; adequate rest and sleep; daily exposure to sunshine and fresh air; the elimination of caffeine, tobacco and alcohol, and an emphasis upon faith in a loving Creator and God.

Though no longer having the popularity of its hay-day under Kellogg and his associates, we continued to serve a steady flow of patients seeking the tested and tried benefits of “natural healing” in preference to the risks and sometimes complications of then modern health-care practices. Tom, a wealthy, middle aged, businessman from another state was one such patient. Tom arrived at my office for his annual experience at Battle Creek where he came for a thorough health evaluation, to reestablish his chosen natural lifestyle practices, lower his blood pressure, and return to his favored body weight. After completing his physical exam, I arranged for a battery of laboratory tests, X-rays, and other indicated examinations after which we scheduled a program designed to fulfill his objectives. At follow-up visits we were both pleased with his progress--until late one night I was awakened by a phone call. It was the local hospital Emergency Department. Tom was dead, having been killed outright in an alcohol related automobile accident. I learned later that he had gone out on the town with friends for the evening.

Tom’s experience is classical from the perspective of revealing the fantastic health benefits of practicing the laws of natural healing—AND the cost of ignoring them, not only over the long term, but in the short term as well.


Rosalie was a 28 year old lady with diabetes mellitus, often referred to as “sugar diabetes” upon whom I had consulted for and amputated a “dead” and infected toe. Her blood sugar levels were dangerously elevated whatever time of day they were checked in spite of very careful monitoring and insulin management by her attending physician. Based upon my past experience, I urged her to change her diet and life style practices. Eventually she agreed to “give it a try.” In less than 2 days her blood sugar levels were subsiding, and within a couple more days were completely normal--and remained well controlled for 2 days more. By the third day, she could resist her usual triple-decked hamburgers, “French fries,” “cokes,” etc. 24 hours later her blood sugar levels were again sky-rocketing, completely out of control. I was saddened beyond description when a couple days later I arrived at the hospital to learn that this beloved young lady had died suddenly during the night—way to young! 

One may question the accuracy of the above accounts for their apparent outcomes were it not for medical practices and institutions scattered around this nation and many places abroad that, too, are witnessing similar “miraculous” responses, not only among diabetics, but with diseases of all kinds and stages of progression. Such benefits are not only described by testimonials as noted above, but by a number of careful research studies such as the nation-wide study contrasting a conglomerate of nearly one hundred thousand Seventh-day Adventist Christians, about half of which are vegetarians or vegans. Depending upon a number of variables, life expectancy ranged from 7-10 years longer than the general population. Not only so, but in addition to those increased years, a significant reduction in disabling conditions during those additional years nearing the end of life.

The Holy Bible tells us that God loves those of us living in the world and it is not His desire that anyone us suffer and die. We were created to enjoy unending life in all of its fullness. Though sin and evil have necessitated a costly healing process, we may experience many of those benefits now, and, from these experiences, prepare us to live eternally with Him, never again to be tempted by evil.

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life,” John 3:16, NLT.

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