• Memories of a Missionary Doctor

    image In the pages of this book, you will read of the harrowing experiences of running with the Cambodian refugees while fleeing from enemy mortars; of delivering (and rescuing) babies during record-breaking typhoon winds; of performing complicated surg...

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Jungle hospital when fleeing after shelled out of Cambodian refugee village.
Church along the Amazon during flood
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his website is dedicated to all who, hearing the call of a loving God, set about to make every home a place of healing and every house of prayer; a place of loving care for those who are sick or hurting—to our families, our friends, our neighbors and, yes, our enemies too!

We live in a special time in history in which we are reaping the results of thousands of years of selfish disregard for the laws governing our universe; laws of love given by a loving God to sustain His creation. We are all well acquainted with these results as seen in natural disasters, wars, devastating epidemics, widespread violence, etc.

God’s love is for all people all through history—reaching down into the hearts and minds of people of all faiths or no faiths at all—His plan, too, is all inclusive—not just in paradise, but in life here and now. While we come in all colors, speak many diverse languages, have various concepts about God and experience many different cultural practices; there is within each one of us a longing after God, a need for help from one another, and a need to serve one another.

Unfortunately, most people do not know how to utilize the things at hand and available, whereby to care for one another in time of illness or injury—either in body, mind or spirit. At this website we offer materials designed to enable every willing person to become an instrument of healing—for one’s own needs, and those of one’s neighbors.

People are hurting. All around this world, there is pain, crying, sickness and premature death. Many are looking for answers—answers that make sense! Answers that really work! Answers that heal our wounded bodies and satisfy our broken hearts!

We think you will find those answers right here at A Place of Healing!

This is a website under construction. Please be patient as we put it all together.
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